Low-Cost LED Wall - - Published in TD&T - Summer 2016

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The project was also presented at the International Lighting Symposium 2015 in Hong Kong and at USITT’s conference in 2016.


The LED Video Wall project began at Stanford near the end of the 2013-2014 school year when Daniel Cadigan, Stanford’s Shop Carpenter for the Theatre Department, presented the idea of creating an inexpensive LED star drop to our team (LITES – Lighting Innovation and Technology Education at Stanford). The idea grew from a star drop to a video curtain and finally landed on the idea of building a full modular wall that would be comprised of 50 4’ by 4’ panels each with 400 LEDs for a total of 20,000 LEDs. Since the wall was being created by our student group, we knew from the onset that the project would have to be done for as little money as possible; however, that did not stop us from aspiring to have a professional looking product. Our goal for the project was to have an inexpensive, professional looking, modular, reusable, and easy to use video wall. In the end our wall cost roughly 1/10 the cost of a comparable professional product, and many people commented on how professional it looked. 

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More technical information can be found on the LED Video Wall Project Page.

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